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June 16th, 2006

08:27 am
Well, dragonfly has been down for awhile now, but i'm not willing to let it die. However, i also won't have time to mess with it for a couple of months. So, i am officially pausing the game until (tentatively) mid-august. At that time, i will be able to dedicate more time on the game and hpefully we can all renew our interest in it.

See ya then!

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March 5th, 2006

01:19 am - New Systems
Hey all. Just before ya'll get into your first mission, i change all the rules! Muahahaha! I love being god sometimes. Anyway, as you will see, i have moved the systems mostly away from probability values for skills and instead focused on absolute values. Basically, this means that you now have an idea of exactly what your skills do for you, and so no longer have to wait for me to "roll" for you to use them. There are three areas that still use chance, though; fighting, ship fighting, and engine failures.

So, check out the skills section of Character Creation and all of Mechanics and Gameplay to see the new rules. Because i'm unfairly changing these after you have made your characters, i will let anyone change their skills now if they are unsatisfied.

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March 3rd, 2006

04:21 pm - Moderator Questions
I have a few miscellaneous questions regarding the composition of the ship and its layout. Once everyone else has departed for the mission, I will submit a post to the game board regarding my on-ship activity. While all of the other crew members are on the planet's surface for the mission, in addition to making sure Itch doesn't act on any potential mutinous inclinations, I had the intention of checking up on the ship and its previous maintenance. Therefore, I have the following questions:

1. Is there a computer to which I would have access?

2. If so, would any maintenance/mechanical logs be recorded on the hard drive?

3. Would there be any additional information on the computers to which I may or may not have immediate authorization to view?

4. If so, and access is restricted, what would be the difficulty level in viewing this information in comparison to my "3 points" computer skills and leaving the network without it being known that the computer security system was breached?

Many apologies for the multiple questions... I was simply curious as it would allow me the opportunity to address any potential ship problems and investigate any secrets in addition to watching Itch.
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March 2nd, 2006

10:06 pm - equipment
Sheeana has been equipped with weapons. Please see her profile if you care.
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February 25th, 2006

11:31 am - Public Relations And Technological Woes
I apologize if anyone has been receiving multiple posts of the same entry; however, my computer has been quite uncooperative this week. Fortunately though, I believe the problem has been fixed.

On a non-sequitur note, I find it amusing that Jed's official role, according to the Dragonfly game page, is "public relations." Speaking of Jed, since you are somewhat unfamiliar with livejournal and its often perplexing format, here are two recommendations which might help you acclimate to the game more easily:

Just so the other players can easily reference your character's information, it might be helpful for you to list it on your user info page. Since you already have disclosed some statistics, you can click here, select the "edit personal information" hyperlink, and then copy and paste what you already have. All of the other characters have their character's information on their user info page (mine can be seen by selecting this link).

Secondly, if you are directly responding to something already posted by another character, it may be helpful to select the "reply to this" link under the comment rather than submitting a new comment under the main entry. That way, the placement of the comments might be somewhat more connected.

Well, hopefully all of these ramblings made sense; take care and enjoy yourselves everyone.
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February 23rd, 2006

07:43 pm
Folks- I'll be away from net access this weekend due to a corporate meeting in LA. I should be back late Sunday. Until then, Sebastian will be unusually quiet (as will Everette).
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February 22nd, 2006

09:19 pm
Here is some slang that is commonly used in the verse. Most slang is in chinese, though there are a few in quasi-english.

Slang of the 'VerseCollapse )

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09:23 pm - oops
Being distracted by other people talking to you leads to HTML errors which leads to me fixing my comments too many times.

Sorry to fill your inboxes. But, to be honest, get used to it. I have an editing problem (fixation might be a better word)...it's the English teacher in me.

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February 21st, 2006

08:40 pm - One last thing...
Welcome, tekno_sid, to our little band of misfits.

Ok, folks, we officially have our starting crew! *cheers, applause*

Ian will be around in the next week or so, but as of now we have enough people to get started. There is one last thing i would like ya'll to do, however; equip yourselves. Here is the equipment guide. Go ahead and give yourselves some reasonable equipment from the "guns," "armor," and "gear" sections. As a general rule, you can't start with anything that costs more than 100p unless you have a good reason. Apart from that constaraint, enjoy poking through the armory!

I'm going to move the plot forward tomorrow or the next day, so speak up now if you want to do anything before we leave persephone.

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February 20th, 2006

12:24 am - Almost time to get this shindig started
With the Dragonfly Players Guide complete, the only things we need to start this party are a few more characters :)

So far we have a pilot, a medic, and an NPC captain. Hopefully a couple more will be joining our ranks pretty soon. In the meantime, a scene has been posted on the game board, taking place just before we all leave the Eavestown docks on our first mission. For those still making characters, include some sort of way that you were hired to crew on the dragonfly (the easiest way being that you were just hired by the captain while in port). I'd like everyone to say hi to each another in one form or another, make some trouble somewhere, or do something else interesting.

We will get the game rolling as soon as the remaining two characters have been submitted, which should be in the next few days.

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